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Amazon SEO – Factor For Ranking Highly On Amazon

When we talk about SEO the first thing which comes in our mind is search engine ranking and the activities involved to achieve the top rankings on Google. Along with the Google places, there are many other platforms which can be utilized in a much effective way to sell products. Amazon a popular shopping portal also has great interference of SEO in terms of ranking and improving sales. With an effective marketing strategy Amazon boosts the sales performance for any business. Although it’s a not an easy process to get higher Amazon ranking as it is primarily a buying platform.

Important Amazon ranking Factors:

Amazon Sales rank

It indicates how the sales performance is going and it has been updated by Amazon every hour. There is no chance of manipulation – it is just a metric showing the performance of a product matched to the competition. Have keen eyes on competing products with the top sales ranks in your category – it helps a lot in the analysis.

Customer Review

Review for any product or service is always a great help to understand the performance. It is a mirror which shows the reality and provides the scope of improvement. From the buyers point of view, it gives a prepurchase idea whether they are choosing the right product or not. Good reviews play an important role in ranking and vice versa.

Answer questions

It is also an important factor which gives answers to queries customers have in their mind before purchasing a product. Amazon considers product listings with informative answers and therefore it adds value towards the ranking factor.

Conversion rate, CTR

The ultimate goal for any business is to make the maximum profile via sales. Same is the case with Amazon, which gives higher ranking to the products has a better conversion rate. Conversion rate can’t be manipulated directly, so better to create a convincing deal for the consumer so that more sales can be generated.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer satisfaction is a key role in the success of any marketing strategy. It is quite important with Amazon hence one must have to provide a good overall service. Positive feedback, the order defect rate and the refund rate, all affects rankings.

Product Listing Completeness

Incomplete details about a product definitely affect the sales performance; hence it should be completed during listing. Incomplete listing leads to the frustrating buying experience. For better results, you can do some competitor analysis regarding product listing which are doing extremely well. For outstanding results, produce an informative product description to delight your buyers and Amazon’s algorithm at the same time.


  • Relevancy is one of the most important Amazon’s ranking factors which can be understood by the following points:
  • Features/Bullet Points – Relevant keywords that are related to the product
  • Product Description – Should have keyword-based considerations which reflect what your text is about.
  • Product And Brand Number – Brand name with a unique product number. Convenient for buyers to search for products using these elements.
  • Specifications – For better performance fill out the product descriptions with as many specifications as possible.

Amazon top ranking allows you to take your business to the next level as a flood of sales is generated.



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  1. Pablo Villalpando
    December 9, 2019 Reply

    SEO is always changing so leaving the strategy and tactics to Onum has more than paid for itself. We estimate ROI is over 10 to 1 – I can’t say enough about this team.

    • Pablo Villalpando
      December 9, 2019 Reply

      Onum has been extremely consistent and reliable through our entire engagement. Our results speak for themselves.

  2. Pablo Villalpando
    December 9, 2019 Reply

    It also gives you insights on your market’s behavior such as location, times of activity, frequency of searches, technologies used, product preferences, etc.

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